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Mitcheldean Community Library is grateful for assistance from the community, both in time spent and in donations given. However, we now find that we are overwhelmed by books which have been donated with the best of intentions.

Our customers have consistently praised us for the number of NEW books, we provide, therefore our policy must be to provide the best of new publications in the library.


Donations Policy July 2021:-


1. We are now only able to accept donations of books in good condition and which have been published in the past two years.

2. We will still accept small donations (maximum 12 items) of books outside the above criteria but also in good condition, to put on our "Books for Sale" trolley in the foyer, as income from these items is used towards the purchase of new books.

3. Items will also be accepted if they are of exceptional interest for example, items of significant Local History interest: these must have a specific relevance to The Forest
of Dean and/or Gloucestershire.

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